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Visiting Everland for Extreme Halloween

How was your Halloween last year? Did you make unforgettable memories with your friends or family? Or, did you end up staying at home watching tedious comedy shows?

Although Halloween started off as one of the old traditional events in America, it has definitely gone global; and this is not an exception in Korea. Many Koreans now enjoy celebrating Halloween by wearing their costumes and attending many festivals you probably have seen people in costumes walking on the streets in Itaewon!

But, who says Itaewon is the only place that allows people to enjoy Halloween? If I may, I would love to recommend visiting Everland! Whether you are a big fan of ghost house or not, there are tons of reasons why you should go visit Everland in October! Part of it is, trust me, you do not want to miss out all the fun! You get to see not only from cute to scary Halloween costumes but their amazing Halloween decorations at Everland. Today Im going to tell you what is Halloween all about at Everland.

At the entrance, these cute ghosts and pumpkins are waiting to greet you. As you walk in, you will notice that Everland looks totally different than before. You will feel the spirit of Halloween even by just looking around. This time of the year is solely about Halloween you cant go wrong with that!

Not a big fan of ghost house yet you want to have a good time? Not a problem, you would love these cute photo zones here. Make sure to take a picture with your family and friends for unforgettable memories in Korea!

During the daytime, do not miss out the special Halloween parades. When it gets crowded at the Carnival Plaza, you know its about the time. Once the parade starts, you will see Lenny and Lara, the two adorable mascots of Everland, in their pumpkin suits, marching with other cute ghosts.

The whole parade takes about 25-30 minutes in length. The unique music will make you want to dance. If you are a parent and planning to go visit Everland with your children, this parade would be a great opportunity to enjoy Halloween with them. If you are lucky, they get picked to try Halloween costumes and dance with the performers!

Some of you might think you are too old to spend Halloween at Everland. Some of you might find it a little bit boring. Well, I have a good news theres a lot more! I dare you to encounter horrifying dummies as you can see in these photos and also try the Walking Dead Square!

I recommend you visit Madame Zombies salon right beside the T-express. You can try on unique Halloween costumes and put on a zombie make-up. I was told that the bribe and gloom costumes are very popular you know what that means! Hurry up and go get those costumes before there is a long line!

Zombie make-up is even more popular than the Halloween costumes. You can choose the level of scariness for the zombie make-up you want. I was so surprised when I saw people wearing the zombie make-up; they look so real! If you want to have some extraordinary experience, this zombie make-up would be the perfect choice.

It is quite interesting how they named it Walking dead square; you can meet real zombies from the famous American TV(FOX TV) series, Walking dead. You get to watch the zombie performers and take photos with them. But be careful, they might suddenly lose control and try to attack you!

This is the photo I took last time I went. There were five zombies, and this bride zombie was very popular. We had eye contact for a moment, and I was scared to death!

You will also enjoy the Horror Maze” – its one of the most popular attractions in Everland as it is well known for offering the visitors a horrifying experience. Horror Maze is built under the concept of closed medical experiment lab and closed hospital. Tips: they opened Horror Maze this year. Feel free to challenge yourself!

If you think the Horror Maze is a little bit too much, why not try the Horror Safari? The ordinary safari at Everland turns into a horror safari from 7 pm. You will see zombies trying to attack you on the safari bus! It might not be as scary as the Horror Maze, but hey, its worth a try! Tip: I would buy tickets for these two attractions ahead of time, since the tickets are often sold out easily.

Arent you now so excited to go to Everland for Halloween? Just wait for it, there is still one more left! Visit Horror club” – the club is open every Friday and Saturday. Check out the line-ups and dont miss out dynamic performances by top K-pop stars and many competent DJs!

Please note this is all age club you are more than welcome to visit with your friends and family.

As for me, Everlands Halloween is more exciting at night, since most of the main Halloween events take place after 6 p.m. The wonderful night view of Everland will make you so sad you wish you didnt have to leave.

I already went to Everland three consecutive years for Halloween, but I feel like every year its different (in a good way, obviously!). There are still so many new things to see. Ladies and gentlemen, this fall, come visit Everland for the unforgettable Halloween spirit that you will ever experience!


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