STORY/생생체험기 2015. 8. 4.

A Wonderful Day in Everland

Everland, the most popular and biggest theme park in Korea, is definitely a must-visit place for foreign tourists. Since Everland has numerous unique attractions and beautiful photo zones, it also offers various seasonal affects. Especially in the summer, Everland might be one of the perfect places for you to escape from the hot weather. Here is a suggestion of a well-planned course so you can enjoy your day to the fullest in Everland.
The first place you should visit in is definitely the K-pop Hologram. You can easily find it, since it is the closest attraction from the gate.


This is the entrance of the K-pop Hologram. Here you can watch a hologram concert of PSY, 2NE1 and BIGBANG, who are globally famous K-pop stars.


What is a “Hologram concert”?

A Hologram concert, also known as a virtual concert, is a performance in which the audience sees virtual images of singers projected on a special stage. Since the projection of stars is shown in the form of three-dimensional images, it feels as though there are actual singers in front of your eyes.




This is the timetable for hologram concerts. Make sure to check the schedule to not miss out on the hologram concert of your favorite stars! There is another reason to why the hologram concert is so special. Once you go into the K-pop Hologram building, you will see several photo booths.




In the photo booths, you can take a picture of yourself, with your face wearing the stars’ hair and costumes. Soon your face will appear on the walls! It’s so funny to see my face on all around the wall! :D


After audiences take pictures, the hologram concert begins. Thanks to the three-dimensional avatars of the stars and the surround-sound, it was as if I was at an actual BIGBANG’s concert.




After the concert, you can shop for special goods of the K-Pop singers. Why not keep a memory of this special event through a purchase of the actual goods provided by your favorite stars?


As a special event during the concert, one lucky person from the audience will be selected to receive a free photo printing ticket. And I was chosen as the lucky person! Even though you are not chosen as the lucky one, you can still take pictures with the stars and print out your picture!



After the hologram concert, walk to the European garden, where you can ride the T-Express, the representative roller coaster of Everland!


T-Express is famous for being the steepest wooden coaster in the world, with its speed of 104km per hour and an angle at about 77 degrees.


As you can see from the photo, this huge wooden roller coaster falls at an incredibly steep angle. I’m sure it will give you the most thrilling experience. When the roller coaster dropped from the peak, I felt like flying!
After your thrilling experience, move on next to the Carnival Plaza to enjoy the Jack’s Splash Parade. Jack’s Splash Parade is indeed the most prominent summer event in Everland, helping you escape from the hot weather by soaking you totally wet.



The Splash parade lasts for about 30 minutes with huge water bombs. So, it’s essential for you to prepare a raincoat!

Now, it’s time to enjoy the wonderful night view of Everland. Millions of lightbulbs and LED roses together form a fantastic and romantic atmosphere, making the night of Everland shine even brighter than the daytime.





Take a picture with your family and friends with this wonderful scenery.

However, the real attraction of Everland’s night view starts with the firework show at 9:40! Everland’s firework is especially famous because of Park Kolleen, a famous music director in Korea who managed the music for the firework show.




Isn’t it wonderful? With the firework show, you will have unforgettable memories in Everland.
This summer, with these special attractions and event here at Everland, you would definitely fall in love with this lovely theme park! :D